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Tips for improving a resume a job application or a cover letter 

Home Guides Tips for improving a resume a job application or a cover letter 

One of the main questions asked regarding job applications is, what is the best way to format a resume cover letter? Well, the format must look professional and follow business principles for job applications. 

When you apply for a job and you submit your resume and a covering letter it needs to look sharp and professional, they must be neat and tidy and typed out so that it can be emailed or stored on a PC for employers to circulate to colleagues etc for viewing. 

You can either send your details via email or post, either way they need to be able to be scanned and stored on said possible employers system. 

The first mistake for folks is that they send their resume and covering letters written in ink, 99% of the time you must send your appliactaion typed so it looks professional, there are occasions where a possible employer may request a hand written cover letter to check a persons hand writing. 

The reason for hand written requests is Tips for improving a resume 1that the job actually involves physical on the spot hand writing where a PC is not a viable option, this could be a Police officer, Nurse etc where they may have to write details on the spot of an incident or accident etc, but most of the business world do prefer typed versions of resumes and covering letters. 

The format is straight forward, you have your name and address at the top left of the document with the date and the companies details below. You are then in a position to start your letter. 

To start with you use Dear Sir/Madam: or Dear Sirs, Most people tend to use the first sentence as this keeps both genders happy as it were as you are not implying a male is in charge. 

Of course the Dear Sirs covers both yet it can be construed as an old fashioned way of applying and could still be seen as leaning towards a male boss. 

The above of course is a matter of debate and mentioned for reference, to be safe the Dear Sir/Madam option is recommended. 

The format of the cover letter needs to be set out so you grab the eye of the reader and hold their attention span long enough to enable them to consider your application. 


You have about 3 seconds to convince the reader that you are worth a shot at an interview…You need to sell yourself and really get the reader to take notice. 

How to Use a Resume Cover Letter 


First impressions mean everything they really do and if you can impress or catch a persons eye with the initial contact which is of course your cover letter… 

Then you have got off to a good start which will be make the interview easier and hence gain your odds of being accepted for the position in hand, which is the goal… 

You need to ensure that you enclose the key buzz words that gain a readers attention and basically force their brain to continue reading your application. 

There are trusted and proven methods to gain a persons interest which will enhance your chances of getting through to a physical interview. 

Watch out for the next posts where we will cover resume examples and what buzz words to include which will ensure your resume cover letter format is set out in a super targeted fashion which will force any employer to ring you for an interview.